We insulated and waterproofed the Kattbai minaret on the west side of the Grand Umayyad Mosque. About 80 m high, the tower required reconstruction in many places where stones had fallen away.
The uppermost sections are made of limestone. The top portion was rebuilt, the decorations were restored, and the president's decision to restore the mosque was engraved thereon.
C.I.T.E. carried out protection, insulation and waterproofing on the top of the 80 m west minaret. Some old stone blocks were replaced, and the works were fully waterproofed.
C.I.T.E. workers on the north side of Al-Aroos minaret carefully cleaned the stones, using soft cleaning instruments, to remove sand and rockweed from the stone face in preparation for application of the insulation and waterproofing materials.
C.I.T.E. workers protected, insulated and waterproofed the east side of the Jesus Minaret.


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