Block Paving Refurbishment

We have significantly developed the pavement refurbishment market, especially for clay and concrete block paving and other natural stone materials. Typically, the process involves deep surface cleaning and defoliation, and often localized full-depth reconstruction and replacement of jointing sand, following which the whole pavement is stabilized and sealed with either a polyurethane or an acrylic sealant. Because of environmental considerations as well as health and safety issues, we recommend the use of water-based acrylic sealants, which are hard-wearing and very effective but less elastomeric than polyurethane sealants. However, we believe that the aforementioned considerations outweigh what are arguably minor technical issues. In some circumstances, especially where clay is involved, pavements sometimes display a tendency to be slippery. In such instances, we restore micro-texture in addition to cleaning, sanding and sealing.