Pre-Surfacing Pavement Preparation

Thin surfacing layers with cold application are being used increasingly for pavement surface
renewal because of the relatively speedy and economical solution they offer, additionally
there is a relatively low impact upon traffic flows.
Thin layer surfacing, now very popular in Europe place high demands upon adhesive
strength, consequently a clean working surface is desirable. High-pressure water washing
has been employed routinely but can only succeed if the water is able to run quickly to one
side carrying with it the flushed out dirt and dust, otherwise fine deposits will quickly settle
back on the ‘cleaned’ surface.
Time delays can be occasioned by this method due to the wait as a result of the lengthy
drying times often encountered.

Using the Hydrotechnology cleaning unit, the pavement is subjected to deep cleaning by way
of the high-pressure rotoblast system, which is situated immediately in front of the powerful
vacuum waste recovery chutes, in a single pass – completed operation, having flushed fine
contaminants from the pavement’s grooves and interstices which are collected into the debris
container along with the water. The surface left by the machine is cleaned down into it’s
interstices and in a near dry condition and ready for immediate film coating.

Surface Preparation cleaning – Avon Ring Road, August 2001