The Ayubieh Sanctuary

C.I.T.E. carried out complete refurbishment and reconditioning operations in the Kurd Ayubieh Sanctuary. The 930-year-old sanctuary is considered an important monument for Kurdish visitors from all over the world. The sanctuary was in very bad condition. The inside and outside walls had been severely damaged by rain and ground water. The dome also required extensive work.
The gravesites were in a serious state of disrepair and needed a great deal of work.
The Ayubieh Sanctuary, located in the old Damascus area of Rukn Al-Din, houses the grave of an important and famous Kurdish holy man.
C.I.T.E. began the reconstruction work on the Ayubieh Sanctuary in 1996.

Every inch of the walls and dome were refurbished.

The inside of the monument required a very delicate approach. Many wall areas were covered with fine, old artwork and calligraphies. Only the most experienced workers and specialists were used.

The foundations of the two inside graves required painstaking restoration.

The graves in the courtyard had to be rebuilt.

Special materials were applied to the dome and external walls.

The outside garden took a lot of effort to be made attractive for visitors.
A new illumination system was installed for the outside entrance, garden, fence and gate.

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