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Chemical Insulation Trading Establishment (C.I.T.E)
Established in 1990, our company offers expert waterproofing and insulation services.Our waterproofing systems can be customized for any civil engineering and industrial project requirement, regardless of size.
In cooperation with major European building material manufacturers and consultants, we design and manufacture advanced protective coating products for concrete buildings. We also import and export raw chemicals for industrial applications.

Our company has a solid reputation for using innovative technology and we provide a full guarantee on all projects.

Our company, Ecological Services Ltd., offers highly developed technologies for road construction companies, as well as rubber and line removal machines for runway and highway applications.

We offer very competitive prices for the toughest specifications and a full range of after-sales service.

For more details, please feel free to contact us:

General Manager :

M Kousay Al Zaim


Tel 1: +963 11 2242964

Tel 2: +963 11 2455044

Fax : +963 11 2223554

P.O.Box :(6175) Damascus - syria

Email : (M AlZaim) (UAE Office)



Mobile : +963 94 214552

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